ConfigMgr Windows 10 Updates Baseline – “Title does not contain” Criteria

I found this less than intuitive but it works. I need to create a Windows 10 Baseline for Windows updates and I am only concerned with Windows 10 x64 Version 1703.

I added the criteria “Title does not contain x86-based”, but wanted to add “Title does not contain the following: Version 1507, Version 1511, Version 1607, Version 1709, Version 1803, Version Next

I figured there is some update some where with (KB1507……, KB1511….) etc, so I included Version in the search string.

This is not possible since the interface only allows the OR operator and not the AND.


To resolve this, I created a Software Update Group using the initial “Title does not contain x86-based” called Baseline – Windows Updates – Windows 10


Then searched that SUG with “Title does not contain Version 1507″, then created a SUG with those results. Then I did the search for the other versions until I had the SUG I wanted.


I could have just manually removed these updates from the original “Title does not contain x86-based” SUG but being human, I prefer machines to do the work they are meant to do.

Finally, I had the SUG I wanted and didn’t have to download a whole bunch of updates I don’t need.


Thank to Dan Gleason from this thread.



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