BIOS Upgrades for Meltdown/Spectre – HP Compaq Elite 8300 USDT

I was having an issue silently <hpqFlash.exe -s> upgrading the BIOS to the latest version for HP Compaq Elite 8300 USDT computers.

Everything seemed like it was working but after the reboot it was still at the same version.

I read the log files and pasted the warning in Google and found two results. Luckily this one had my answer.

The machines were sporting Version 2.06. I had to jump to Version 2.99 in order to then jump to version 3.06. Works flawlessly from our remote patching server.

The BIOS was too old to upgrade to the current version so I had to upgrade it twice like so.


Here is a nice tool to quickly check if you are compliant without having to use the Microsoft provided Get-SpeculationContol cmdlet.



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